5 Top Fashion Trends That Are Here To Stay And Tips On How To Buy Online

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We’ve watched many exciting new fresh looks emerging in the fashion industry this year. Over the years, some fantastic and extremely eye-catching trends have appeared. If you wonder which of your recent purchases you will continue to wear by in the future, you’ve come to the right spot. With Zaful, we’ve rounded up a list of the top fashion trends from the past that are here to stay to help you get your wardrobe in shape for your next occasion.

1.Checks and Plaid

In 2017, prints and patterns were dominated by antique checks and plaids. Checks and plaid look are set to continue their reign in 2021 as the pattern must-have. While this year’s most common plaid element was the blazer, though, things look set to diverse in the months ahead. While a checked jacket will still be a worthwhile investment for those who don’t already own one, other items that feature the pattern, such as pants, skirts, and even accessories, will also become essential wardrobes.

2.Red All Over

It might not have been the Color of the Year for Pantone, but red was definitely a choice for fashion. Holding the year’s unofficial slogan of “more is more,” street-style stars gave a bright and striking look to the color from head to toe. Luckily for those who love red, this fiery hue will continue into. So, stock up on red tops, pants, clothes, jackets, accessories, and more because, for the time being, this color sticks around. However, be sure to save some space in your wardrobe. In the New Year, Purple also promises to be popular.

3.Bold Earrings

Although chokers may be on their way out of the ’90s trend, bold earrings are here to stay. Statement earrings of all kinds will continue to be popular in the future, from shoulder-grazing tassel styles to decadent chandelier designs. Perfect for adding an eye-catching touch to a traditional daytime outfit or glamming up one more night-time look, bold earrings are great for any time of day. So, wear them for a fun fashion twist, wherever and whenever in 2020 and beyond. Best of all, it’s easy to find a pair that fits your style, with so many choices.

4.Belt Bags

To many, it may have been a shock, but belt bags quickly became one of the most important trends of this year. These hands-free handbags dominated the street style scene in 2017, and thanks to their practicality and uniquely trendy appeal. No longer reserved for the daringly special, anyone can now carry these reinterpreted bum bags. What you need to do is make sure you choose a theme that fits your outfit. An oversized bum bag with a plastic zip, for example, suits an at leisure outfit while a delicate pink velvet belt bag matches a feminine ensemble.

5.Matrix Glasses

Striking, “Matrix” glasses are having a huge moment now and pledge not to vanish soon anytime. These streamlined glasses are a current favorite among stars, editors, and celebrities alike in the street style. “Matrix” glasses of all sorts are set to dominate eyewear, from trendy cat-eye models to super-slim oval designs. Good part? Practically any outfit or ensemble can work with their retro-meets-futuristic style. Just be sure to pick a style that suits the shape of your face.

Tips On How To Buy Online

  • Check for reviews
  • Be flexible
  • Search for a reputable online store
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