Questions to Ask the Girl You’re Dating

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Although dating someone is typically a thrilling experience, it can also be terrifying. As a man, this is the time to discover and learn new things about the girl you are seeing and with whom you hope to possibly take things to the next level. This makes it all exciting. But there are also a ton of questions on your mind as you wonder if you are carrying yourself properly or saying and doing the right things. You are also not sure what to ask and do not want to appear as intrusive.

So, what are some questions you may ask the girl you are dating? Well, here are some of them that can help you get to know her, what she likes, her expectations, and if she is the right one for you. But you need to find the best time to ask them and do it without being pushy if she is not willing to answer them.

How do you experience love in a relationship?

It is critical to learn how she experiences love because the ability to feel loved is key when it comes to the success of a relationship. As a man, you need to establish whether you and she are compatible, and you can do this by finding out how she experiences love. This is because compatible people tend to express love in the same way. So, the way she answers this question is critical.

When do you think you will settle down?

It is important to ask this question since any response including trying to evade the question will show you if she is ready to settle down or how long you may have to wait. It may also help you to learn if she is one interested in an exclusive relationship or just an nsa relationship depending on whether she wants to settle down soon or not or does not want to settle at all.

What is your idea of an ideal relationship?

She doesn’t have to be looking at the ideal relationship at that moment, but her answer to this question will help you to learn what her expectations in a relationship are. You can tell the kind of relationships she has experienced or is looking forward to.

How can you describe your relationship with your friends and family?

You need to learn if she has some serious friends or she just hangs out with some former school mates and binge drinks until morning. It is also good to know the relationship she has with her family to find out if she has some unmet affection needs or feels unloved. Getting to know how her relationship with others can is help you to know how to meet her needs for affection better.

What have been your happiest and most depressing moments?

The essence of this question is not to measure her emotional limits but rather to find out what factors trigger her emotions. You should be keen to listen to her answer the question, and in your conversations, pick out her happy and depressing moments and get to know what factors appeal to you about how she reacts and responds to the experiences.


The above are just a few of the questions that a man may ask a girl he is dating. Otherwise, the prevailing situations or information that he wants to find out will dictate the question. For example, if he needs to know if she plans to get married, he can ask her what her opinion of marriage is. It is also important to pay attention to her body language and facial expression as she answers those questions to tell if she means what she is saying.

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