The Tradition of the Kiddush Wine Fountain

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The Jewish faith has one universal tradition across all Jews everywhere, and that is the Kiddush. It is one of those faith-based experiences that is present in all Jewish religious observances.

It doesn’t matter, whether it is a weekly Shabbat tradition for you or a holiday tradition, if you are Jewish, then you have said the Kiddush prayer. Over wine sanctifying the special and holy event.

In any Jewish childhood memories, the Wine Blessing over the Kiddush Prayer is a fond memory. The spread across the table at the Synagogue after the Rabbi’s completion of the prayer or the Kiddush Wine Fountain.

All of these are the gorgeous Jewish artifacts ever-present in all holy occasions.

As a child in my synagogue, lifting our plastic cups of wine in reciting the Kiddush prayer was ever common.

To show conviction we all drank a sip out of the cup and that must be passed on. Or even more beautifully poured to the top of a merry go round silver object. That pours down to the similar smaller cups. The surface plate has narrow grooves cut where the wine flowed and that went to smaller cups.

Even Willy Wonka would eat his heart out.

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The Kiddush Wine Fountain and Its Representation

Now, that I am all grown up we get Kiddush Wine Fountains with heavy Jewish craftsmanship. You can choose to form the ornate traditional designs to the minimalistic ones.

The Jewish Kiddush Wine Fountain is not a very old tradition, but it does represent an ancient Jewish ideology. It symbolizes the ‘freedom and tenacity of the Jews’ to overcome some of the darkest times of humanity.

After the Holocaust, there was almost no Jewish silversmith left. And, the survivors started to fill in the void.

As the idea of surviving is bittersweet, the win resembles the gladdening of the hearts. To inspire a new generation of Jews to remember the past and triumphs of survival.

The Kiddush Wine Fountain is large and laid upon a spread. It shows how the Jews survived as a people and found a renewed purpose.

To inspire the practice of the ancient traditions that have shaped the Jewish faith, the Kiddush Cup Fountain is an integral part of it.

One day when the Kiddush Wine Fountain becomes an antique, it will always represent a time and place in the Jewish faith.

The artisans of Judaica and the beautiful Kiddush Cup Fountains go to work to create these for the labor of love and faith.

Most artisans to whom these are symbols of love, that is their love for their craft, family, and community. And, the faith, in the jewfish endurance, ability to rise up and adapt.

It is these traditions that are passed down to generations of Jewish families that represent their pasts and their futures.

Final Thoughts

The Jewish faith is rich and ancient, and it is these artifacts that pass on their traditions and love for their community.

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